The Backyard Rink.

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A backyard rink is heritage, a tradition passed through generations or a rite of passage in your first house.  It's a symbol of your love for the sport.


September 2014 - SmartRink


It's for taking pictures to put into scrap books (or for sharing in the cloud in my case), staying up late, team building, friendships, an introduction to hockey, a trip to the lumber store, a test of engineering and an intersection of science and art with the hopes of perfect cold temps. 

It's a place where your children can be active and provide a chance for them to reenact great moments in hockey.

A backyard rink is free of "no ball playing in the hallway" and "no street hockey" posted signs.  There is no criticism from the bench or stands.  Just mom checking to see if you are warm enough or time to put the kettle on for hot chocolate.

With climate change and the growth of synthetic skating surfaces, the "backyard hockey" experience can happen all year-round outdoors or indoors in the garage or basement.

What does a backyard rink mean to you?  Send me your thoughts, stories and pictures.


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