In the Shadow of Victory.

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I've played and coached hockey and have been on the winning side and the losing side.  Losing is great character building.  It tests your passion, perseverance, and determination.  Too many wins hides a team's inner weakness and they become easy prey for other teams climbing in the standings.

One of my son's team had a respectable season last year.  They won the Silver Stick Championship, finished in first place in their league and made it to the semi-finals in their playoff rounds.  Like any other AA rep team, many of the players will make an attempt to get on a AAA team when the season is over.  After the tryouts, the team lost 6 players to AAA.  

Almost 4 months into the season, the AA team has only won 7 regular season games.   I think this tells us that most of the strength or the core of the team were in those 6 players.  It also reveals the under-development of the AA players to compete at this level now.   Who can improve this?  Volunteer coaches can only do so much to improve player skill in one season.  The Association can move the team to A but that does not directly teach or train the players.  I saw an interesting observation from the Harbor Center in New York state.    "1 efficient practice gives players as much skill development as 11 games".  

A team's Goals For, Goals Against, Wins and Championships should never be a measure of your son's or daughter's hockey skill.  You can get out of that shadow by helping your child build game-confidence with more training.  Seek professional training centres in your town and of course practice those skills for hours on your SmartRink.

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