Will synthetic ice ruin my blades?

Posted by Dean Sprung on

Skating on any surface, real ice or synthetic ice, will dull the edges over time. Since most synthetic ice rinks are small, kids tend to use their edges more than they normally do on large real ice surfaces. With the amount of skating they do on synthetic ice compared to the amount of time standing around on real ice, you will find that the skates will need to be sharpened more often. Some synthetic ice surfaces have more friction that others. This will affect the rate at which the edges become dull. Synthetic ice rink owners and users are switching to practice skates to reduce the overall wear on game-ready skates.

Real ice has friction too. Some will argue that real ice is more damaging to blades because the ice absorbs airborne grit and burs from skate blades. The ice becomes sandpaper. What ruins skate blades mostly is the walk from the change room to the ice surface. The blades will make contact with stones, screws and concrete and the edge becomes damaged or lost. It's always good to have an Edge Again in your hockey bag or on the bench with the team trainer or equipment manager to fix this damage.

The real concern about blades should start with who is maintaining your blades. See this blog post that addresses this concern.
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