ProFast 1500


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Ice Panel:  ProFast1500-SG
SmartGlide:  Infused
39.25" x 39.25" x 19/32" or 1020.5mm x 1020.5mm x 15mm
Colour:  Ice-Y-Blue
Method of manufacturing:   Sinter pressed
Material: VHMWPe
Connection System: "HybridLock"
Warranty: 5 years outdoors and 10 years indoors
Life span: 20 to 25 years
Goal Crease and markings:  available for additional fee

ProFast1500 uses Very High Molecular Weight Pe, SINTER pressed and then machined to exacting standards. Slip additives are included with the raw material to improve speed, providing very a high performance panel (VHP) which is arguably fastest most realistic synthetic ice product on the market today. All ProFast products by SmartRink are treated for UV and can be used outdoors.  


This “heavy duty” commercial panel is versatile in that it can be used for small, medium or large commercial or community surfaces - indoors or out. This product is well suited to both high traffic recreational use and competitive use. Rinks using these panels can be customized to include lines and markings for hockey games using our positive H-Lock system.

This product would be an ideal replacement for costly mechanical ice making or become a great substitute for cash strapped communities that still want to offer their community a high quality skating surface without the substantial ongoing cost to the community. 

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