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ProFast 8000


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NOTE:  Minimum order quantities apply.  Shipping costs will vary by location.  

Ice Panel:  ProFast8000
SmartGlide:  Infused
Size:   39.25” x 39.25” x 5/16” or 1020mm x 1020mm x 8mm
Colour:  Ice-Y-Blue
Method of manufacturing:   Sinter pressed
Material: VHMWPe
Residential Warranty: Lifetime
1 Push Glide: 40 feet

Goal Crease and markings: available for additional fee


Home owners (garage, basement, backyard), hockey skill centres, fitness clubs, trade shows, movie and tv productions, malls, golf courses, festivals and fairs, restaurants, arenas for light applications, sports stores for skate and stick demos, rental companies, charity events, pond hockey tournaments. 

One panel type.  Centre panels allow users to easily configure their rink for different purposes or when moving it to different locations.

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