About Us

Since 2008, SkateAnywhere has been selling synthetic ice rinks for home, skill training centres, events, movie production and municipal use.  The company operates in Newmarket, ON and is owned by CRFX Group Inc.  We are a SmartRink authorized dealer. 

Residential rinks:

From beginners to Junior, thousands of hockey players are using synthetic ice skating rinks to have fun and improve their skills at home.  We have rinks for any home application.  Tell us about your project and we will give you options to suit your budget.  Contact us for a trial.

Skill Centres:

We have rink options to get you started or to expand your business.  Talk to us first about your business plan and we will make recommendations to maximize your revenue.
Community and Minor Hockey Association Rinks:

Communities want access to skating rinks.  Ice sports user groups are being squeezed by ice time availability and costs.  RinkFunder helps cash strapped communities and minor hockey associations quickly fund skating rinks. 


We can outfit production companies, weddings, fairs, and shows for short term rentals.

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