Team Roster Recording

Team Roster Recording


  • $60.00
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Professional announcer recording of your team roster 

Get the crowd roaring.  
Play the recording over the arena sound system at every home game.
 The kids get pumped when they hear their name.
A.  Pick your package:



Standard - “Here come your [team name]” intro and one background track.  One MP3 file for each starting goalie.


Standard + 2 background tracks. One MP3 file for each starting goalie.


Custom intro and exit.  1 or 2 background tracks.  One MP3 file for each starting goalie.


Sponsor announcement or message added to any package. (Add this option to your cart)


B. Once you have paid, fill out the order form that you can download at checkout:
  1. Team name (including division and level).
  2. Players' jersey number, name with phonetic spelling & position. (Ideally, please record the pronunciation of the players using your smartphone or computer and email the file to us.)
  3. Select your background music from the 12 selections below or request no music.
  4. We will send you a MP3 file to approve.  NOTE:  $40 extra charge for a format change or roster update after final version is produced.
Allow 3-5 business days for the audio file to be sent to you.  
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